2018-2019 Goals and Objectives


The overarching goals of Taos School Zone remain:

  • Student achievement

  • Community engagement

  • Health and wellness

  • Educator excellence

These goals mirror those of the Taos Municipal Schools strategic plan and are applicable to any school or school system. We remain committed to measurable improvements in these areas.

The external work we do is oriented toward these goals, bearing in mind that TSZ is a backbone organization for collective impact. We serve as a hub, facilitating the work of schools, teachers, nonprofits, and families rather than establishing our own programs.


The Advisory Council has developed internal goals that will expand our capacity and community involvement in the work we do.


The Advisory Council has identified these focus areas for 2019-2020:

  1. Laying the groundwork for our collective impact work with early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary practitioners, to begin in earnest in spring 2020.

  2. Assisting with the development of the community school platform at Enos Garcia Elementary and working with Taos International and Vista Grande High School to become community schools in fall 2020.

  3. Continuing to collaborate with the Paso a Paso Early Childhood Network and Taos Municipal Schools on a framework to support students and families through the transition from early childhood and K-12. Family engagement is the focus of this year's work.

  4. Helping launch grade-level professional learning communities to help teachers at smaller schools network and collaborate.

  5. Continuing teacher support beyond recognition breakfasts to deeper teacher retention strategies at Taos Municipal Schools.

  6. Advocacy: beginning to explore ways we can engage with local and statewide elected and appointed officials to benefit local schools.

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