Based on the premise of involving communities in education, Taos School Zone (TSZ) is a collective-impact partnership between nonprofits, public and charter schools, and members of the community. It leverages the power of collaboration, scale, and data-based decision-making to responsively address areas of greatest student need. TSZ is the backbone organization for this collaboration.


The School Zone utilizes four strategic interventions:

  • Collaboration Among Community Groups

  • Teacher Support and Development

  • Parent/caregiver Engagement

  • Commitment to Measured Outcomes


TSZ engages teachers, school leaders, students, parents and members of the community side by side with Taos schools as they work to improve outcomes for our children. We are a special project of Taos Community Foundation.



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This School Year


Having worked successfully for two years to establish Taos County's first four community schools, TSZ has returned to its collective impact focus by convening early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary advocates to create and pursue shared goals in the short- and long term. This work will culminate September 16 with publication in the Taos News of the Taos County Education Snapshot. Read more here.