Taos County now boasts four COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: Enos Garcia Elementary, Vista Grande High, Taos International Charter, and Peñasco Elementary. All received $150,000 implementation grants from NMPED to become community schools, an evidence-based strategy for incorporating social services and enrichment programs to help support the whole child and their family. TSZ is proud to have initiated this work in the Taos community.

TSZ is convening three cohorts--early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary/career--schools, nonprofits and employers working with those age groups, to develop shared goals for collaboration in the short and long terms. This COLLECTIVE IMPACT work brings together existing resources to create better outcomes for Taos kids.

TSZ's work with educators has helped us understand stresses they are currently experiencing. To help during this period, our teacher support group created a SERIES OF VIDEOS designed to help them de-stress.